About Us

Cross-Spectrum Acoustics (CSA) is a full service noise and vibration consulting firm formed in 2011 by Herbert Singleton and  Lance Meister.   CSA was formed to provide high quality noise, vibration and acoustical services to a wide variety of clients at a reasonable cost.

Our staff have over 150 years’ experience in noise, vibration, and acoustics for a variety of clients and market areas.  We have authored numerous technical papers on noise and vibration.  CSA consultants are active members of the acoustics and transit professional communities, including organizations such as:

CSA takes pride in our ability to help the public understand complex issues related to noise in a simple and straightforward manner.  Because noise and vibration can be a very complex subject, our staff works to make a highly technical subject accessible to everyone, while still providing the information needed.

Another CSA hallmark is our belief that high quality work does not need to have a high price tag.  We are diligent in keeping our costs low in order to offer rates that provide maximum value to our clients.  We also collaborate with our clients to offer cost-effective solutions to their acoustical problems.

CSA technical staff hold a number of advanced degrees and professional certifications. Five CSA associates hold Professional Engineering licenses across 11 states. Two CSA principals are Board Certified by INCE. Three associates have master’s degrees and one principal holds a doctorate in acoustics. These qualifications enable CSA staff to address a wide variety of sound and vibration issues.

CSA has consulted for a variety of Federal, state, municipal, industrial and residential clients across the nation. We currently hold Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certifications in eighteen states and the District of Columbia.