Through the Cross-Spectrum Labs brand, we offer microphone and sound level meter verification services for manufacturers, hobbyists and professionals.

Purchase calibrated audio products:


Sound level meters:


Custom microphone characterization/calibration:

  • We can perform characterizations/calibrations for your measurement or recording microphone.
  • Deliverables include on and off-axis free field frequency response, noise floor & sensitivity (select microphones), polar response (select microphones) and output impedance (select microphones).
  • All measurements performed using the “substitution” method with a NIST-traceable microphone. The measurement methodology is consistent with IEC 60268-4. CSA test equipment is independently verified by a NVLAP-accreddied calibration facility.
  • Pricing starts at $60 (including domestic shipping) for Basic-level calibrations. Contact us for more details.