Noise and Vibration Measurements

CSA has the expertise and equipment to conduct noise and vibration measurements to address short-term and long-term measurement needs.

We conduct environmental noise monitoring for:

  • Transportation sources
  • Construction projects
  • Wind Energy projects
  • Industrial sites
  • Noise ordinances
  • Community noise assessments

In addition to environmental noise monitoring, we also conduct measurements for OEM’s, Businesses and Professionals, including:

  • Frequency response measurements of microphones and other acoustical measurement equipment
  • Product testing and analysis of competing products
  • Measurements of consumer audio products including home audio/home theater systems, loudspeakers, and car audio systems
  • Customized acoustical measurements

We have a wide variety of experience in various acoustical disciplines, including precision sound and vibration measurements, room treatments, sound insulation, audio R & D, OEM assistance, and noise control.

All measurements are made according to applicable engineering standards, as well as state and federal acoustical measurement guidelines. All of our measurement systems adhere to ANSI/IEC standards for precision sound and vibration measurement equipment.