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Herb Singleton Jr, P.E., INCE Bd. Cert. – President

Herb is the President and Co-Founder of CSA. He has over 19 years of acoustical engineering experience. His specialties include acoustical measurements and modeling. He has applied these skills to noise and vibration analyses for transportation, construction, industrial and architectural projects.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has also taken Master’s courses in Audio Acoustics at the University of Salford in the United Kingdom.

Herb is a registered professional engineer in the states of Massachusetts and Georgia. He is a member of NCAC and a Board Certified Member of Institute of Noise Control Engineering. He has participated in ANSI working groups to develop standards for community noise ordinances and developing standards for vibration testing for rail and transit applications. He spent 6 years as treasurer for the Greater Boston Chapter of the Acoustical Society of America.

Herb has been one of the instructors of the NTI/FTA noise and vibration training course for the past seven years. In addition, he is the developer of the FTA General Assessment noise spreadsheet given out to all course attendees.

He has performed environmental noise and vibration assessments for a variety of transit projects ranging from commuter rail and light rail to heavy rail extensions. He has supported those projects through public hearings and NEPA processes when necessary. He has analyzed station acoustics and public address systems as well as performing detailed noise and vibration mitigation design for transit systems.

In addition to environmental assessments, Herb has conducted acoustical engineering analyses for architectural and industrial applications. He has modeled noise and vibration sources, performed laboratory analyses of vibration mitigation products, and developed signal processing techniques for the vibration propagation procedure described in the FTA guidance manual’s Detailed Vibration Analysis section.

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Lance Meister – Vice President

Lance is Vice President and Co-Founder of CSA. He has over 19 years’ experience in transit and rail related noise and vibration projects and is a recognized expert in the field of transit noise and vibration.

He holds a B.S. in civil engineering from Temple University and is a member of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering.

Lance is one of the authors of the FTA’s guidance manual on noise and vibration impact assessment and has been one of the instructors for the NTI/FTA noise and vibration training course for the past twelve years.

He has been the noise and vibration lead on over 200 transit projects throughout his career. He has extensive experience in light rail transit (LRT), bus rapid transit (BRT), streetcar, heavy rail, commuter rail, intercity trains and high-speed rail, and freight rail systems. He has participated in and managed projects ranging from Alternative Analysis and Environmental Analyses to Environmental Impact Statements and Final Design of noise and vibration mitigation.

Mr. Meister is a member of TRB and APTA and is on the planning committee for the Railroad Environmental Conference at the University of Illinois.

Mr. Meister’s activities have included field survey measurements, environmental assessments, and computer modeling of noise and vibration propagation. He has been involved in vehicle noise and vibration measurements, sound insulation projects for transit, and modeling of noise and vibration mitigation. Mr. Meister was also the principal designer of the FRA’s locomotive horn noise model, which is used to assess noise impact from horns at grade crossings.

Mr. Meister has extensive public speaking experience, including teaching the FTA/NTI course, presenting technical papers at conferences and presenting at public meetings. One of his strengths is his ability to present complex ideas and concepts in an easy to understand and accessible manner.

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deb_webDoug Barrett – Principal Associate

Since 1986, Doug Barrett has worked on a wide variety of environmental noise and vibration projects with an emphasis on National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation, transportation and industrial noise sources, outdoor sound propagation, and noise barrier design studies. His project experience ranges from field measurement programs and detailed noise barrier design through system-wide studies and comprehensive environmental documents. In addition to these technical skills, he has extensive experience with public outreach and community meetings.

Doug has conducted traffic noise studies nationwide for transportation agencies including New York State DOT and Thruway Authority, Caltrans, Massachusetts DOT, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, Arizona DOT, Colorado DOT, Virginia DOT, and the North Texas Tollway Authority. For 10 years, he was an instructor for training courses on the FHWA Traffic Noise Model (TNM). In addition to highway noise-barrier studies, he has conducted numerous aircraft ground noise studies, rail/transit noise and vibration assessments, and industrial facility noise studies.

Doug holds a Bachelor’s degree in physics from Cornell University and a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies from Brown University. He is a member of the INCE and is longtime participant and member of the Transportation Research Board’s Committee ADC40 on Transportation Noise and Vibration.

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DSC_8620-webDavid Towers, P.E., INCE Bd. Cert. – Principal Associate

Dave has over 40 years of experience as an acoustical consultant, having worked in a variety of areas including environmental, industrial, and architectural noise and vibration control. He specializes in noise and vibration control for rail transportation systems and for construction projects. Dave has participated in a wide range of rail transportation projects in the U.S. and abroad including noise control for vehicles and facilities, compliance tests, environmental assessments, construction noise and vibration control and community measurement programs. He has provided acoustical consulting and design services to architects, engineers, planners, railroads, rapid transit properties, and government agencies around the world.

Dave is co-author of the FTA transit noise and vibration guidance manual as well as the Federal Railroad Administration manual for high-speed ground transportation projects. He has contributed to several technical handbook chapters during the course of his career and has also authored a number of technical papers for various professional organizations such as INCE, the Acoustical Society of America, the International Workshop on Railway Noise and the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Dave has earned a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Columbia University and a Master’s Degree from Purdue Univeristy. He is a registered professional engineer in five states, a Board-Certified Member of INCE and a Member of the International Committee for the International Workshop on Railway Noise.

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Scott EdwardsScott Edwards – Senior Associate

Scott has over four years of experience in environmental noise and vibration, focusing primarily on transit, highway and sound insulation projects. Mr. Edwards has a B.S.E. in Acoustical Engineering and Music from the University of Hartford, and has completed master’s degree level coursework in saxophone performance at The Boston Conservatory.

He is a member of both the Institute of Noise Control Engineering and the Acoustical Society of America. He has worked on a number of transit projects, ranging from environmental impact assessment studies to final design of noise and vibration mitigation. Mr. Edwards has worked on noise barrier designs for both transit and highway applications, is a highly experienced FHWA TNM user, has extensive noise and vibration field measurement experience, and is an expert in the application of GIS to noise and vibration studies.

He also has experience with architectural acoustics and speech intelligibility. Mr. Edwards is also an accomplished saxophone player.

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Juan Carlos Montoya – Associate

Juan has five years of experience in acoustics and noise control engineering products. Mr. Montoya’s experience includes design of a recording studio, and work as a recording musician and studio engineer. He also has experience with professional audio equipment. Mr. Montoya has participated in outdoor noise propagation studies and vibration measurements and modeling. He has experience in architectural acoustics and industrial noise control products including his Master’s thesis on the acoustics of houses of worship.

He has developed and engineered methods to increase productivity and operational efficiency to achieve optimal results. He has performed key roles in project management, initiating, organizing, planning, designing, and delivering solutions to complex problems during his career.

While living in Colombia, he completed courses in Sound Engineering at San Buenaventura University and Javeriana University and also studied Electronic Engineering for three years at Universidad Central. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering and obtained a Masters of Engineering Degree in Acoustics from Penn State University.

Mr. Montoya has played soprano, alto, and tenor saxophone for twenty years, and has been a part of successful professional music groups. In 2010, he was a tenor saxophone player for a live music album recorded in Colombia, which was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards.

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web_DSC_0136-0136edtest-2Joelle Suits – Associate

Joelle recently graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a master degree in mechanical engineering specializing in acoustics. Ms. Suits’ experience includes noise measurements of power tools, hearing threshold measurements, and measuring the effect of noise on human signal detection through her Master’s thesis research. Her research focused on improving the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard NFPA 1982 by measuring different noise sources found on the fireground, the effects of wearing firefighting equipment on hearing, and the affect of noise on the search for downed firefighters.

Ms. Suits has a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. She is a member of the Acoustical Society of America and the American Society of Mechanical Engineering.

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George Holey – Master Technician


George has over 30 years of experience in electronics and instrumentation. His specialties include providing quality manufacturing and service support for engineering and systems development, deployment of electronic noise monitoring equipment and production of electronic hardware devices including analog/digital circuits and power supplies.

George has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and is a veteran of the Air Force. He worked for three years as an electronic technician while serving in the Air Force, a year as an AM radio tech for the civil defense radio network in the New England/New York State area, and sixteen years as a broadband radio tech on a NATO contract in Europe. He was also the laboratory manager for a prominent acoustical consulting company for over five years.

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